The Asia Poker League returns to the online arena for the third time this year following two successful festivals on the GGPoker Network. Running from September 19th through October 3rd, the awaited series features 20 Jade Trophy Events along with several side events running around the clock for all levels of bankrolls. A whopping ¥80,000,000 in prize guarantees will be awarded to lucky event winners with the multi-day ¥10,000,000 guaranteed Main Event remaining to be the highlight of the festival.

To date, APL champions “boboski”, “A Karmatckii”, “Jin Yi”, and “AsesArgentosJRR” have claimed top prizes from the initial four events. With 16 more trophies to be awarded, the next eleven days are sure to be filled with action, fun and excitement as more Natural8 players claim seven-figure scores in the notable games.

Event #1: Da Nang River’s Bounty Tip-off – “boboski” ($10,835.12 + $5,670.39 bounty)

This autumn’s first event kicked off in strong fashion having smashed its initial guarantee of ₫1,500,000,000 to almost double in value. A total of 2,912 players posted the ₫1,050,000 buy-in to generate a juicy ₫2,912,000,000 prize pool with ₫117,828,071 going to its champion aside from the collected bounty. For an impressive run, “boboski” took home a combined ₫247,167,192 (~$16,505) in winnings, with his bounty alone amounting to ₫129,339,121.

Entering the final table with a massive chip lead was “mrX2020” with 103 big blinds, followed by “G0SU” with 49 big blinds. It didn’t take long for the ball to get rolling as first casualty “Bao Vo” with pocket Tens, quickly succumbed to “boboski”s pocket Jacks for a 73 big blind pot. Short-stacked “Yang0925” managed to climb up three spots to 6th place after “G0SU” eliminated “xshhhhhh” with flopped trips, and “boboski” having clamed “Baconplease”’s bounty after holding the better kicker as both flopped top pair.

From then on, players one by one followed suit, and in half an hour, the inaugural champion was crowned. With five players left in contention, “boboski” scored a double elimination with pocket Kings, beating “hhy1125”’s Ace-Jack offsuit and “mrX2020”’s King-Queen suited. “G0SU” then proceeded to eliminate third place finisher “joggijoggi” with Ace-six having spiked a pair of sixes on the flop against his opponent’s Ace-Jack high. “G0SU” now held a small lead over “boboski” going into heads up play but a single crucial hand was all it took for “boboski” to snag the win. In the final hand, initial raiser “G0SU” fired two barrels on flop shown below, only to meet a check-raise from “boboski” of which “G0SU” retaliated by shoving all-in. Having turned a straight, “boboski” answered with a call to see opponent “G0SU” drawing dead and left to settle for a runner-up finish.

  • Buy-in: ₫1,050,000 ($46.20)
  • Date: September 19, 2021
  • Entries: 2,912 entries (1,895 unique, 1,017 re-entry)
  • GTD: ₫1,500,000,000 ($65,761.87)
  • Prize pool: ₫2,912,000,000 ($127,665.71)
  • ITM: 368 places
APL Online Series Event #1 Danang River's Bounty Tip-Off Final Table Results
APL Online Series Event #1 Danang River’s Bounty Tip-Off Final Table Results

Event #2: Bounty Harvest Superstack – “A Karmatckii” ($12,938.66 + $17,452.08 bounty)

The second APL event followed through on the same Sunday with player “A Karmatckii” claiming a combined ¥196,512.63 (~$30,390.74) in winnings and a coveted APL trophy. Similar to the first tournament, Event #2: Bounty Harvest Superstack surpassed its prize pool guarantee after 1,116 players joined the games. After late registration closed out, ¥2,142,720 was to be distributed among the top 152 placers, with ¥83,663.96 plus the collected bounty deemed for the champion alone.

Nine players filled up the final table with four in the running, decorated players of the GGNetwork. Player “Sovs20” who led the pack with an 86 big blind stack, was in for a big return following his four-entry investment into the said tournament. Chip leader “Sovs20” didn’t hold back for long as he scooped up first casualty “Floatinworld”’s 47 big blind stack after flopping two-pair fives and sevens vs. “Floatingworld”’s rivered top pair Queens. “Cocoerin” fell next into the hands of “jjsjsjjsj” with pocket Jacks which failed to hold against “jjsjsjjsj” Ace-King of spades as a spade on the river completed his much needed flush.

APL Event #2 Bounty Harvest Superstack Final Table
APL Event #2 Bounty Harvest Superstack Final Table

Followingly, “LittlebeAAr” soon ran out of luck as his Ace-King this time, failed to hit the board as “CLaV1e”’s pocket Tens held. “CLaV1e” then continued to eliminate both “MagicKing” and “LINA-INVERSE” after getting lucky with Ace-Ten suited and flopping trip-aces on the flop and further improving to a flush on the turn to bust both pocket pairs Queens and Sixes respectively. Four-handed play lasted for some time until “jjsjsjjsj” jammed his 13 big blind stack on the button, only to run into “CLaV1e” with Ace-King on the big blind.

While “CLaV1e” held a sizeable lead against opponents “Sovs20” and “A Karmatckii” three-handed, he soon failed to eliminate the latter while giving a full double up not once, but twice. On the third time, it was “CLaV1e”’s life on the line as “A Karmatckii” got the better run out (Hand shown below). Now with roughly a 7:1 chip advantage, “A Karmatckii” called off “Sovs20”’s last 6 big blinds with Jack-Nine of hearts, running a flush against “Sovs20”’s Four-Five of spades for the final win.

  • Buy-in: ¥2,021 ($312.74)
  • Date: September 19, 2021
  • Entries: 1,116 entries (806 unique, 310 re-entry)
  • GTD: ¥2,000,000 ($309,300.67)
  • Prize pool: ¥2,142,720 ($331,372.37)
  • ITM: 152 places
APL Event #2 Bounty Harvest Superstack Results
APL Event #2 Bounty Harvest Superstack Results

Event #3: Hanoi Enter the Dragon [6-MAX] – “Jin Yi” ($18,890.31)

They say ‘Third time’s the charm’, and while many might not believe this saying to be true, it was definitely true for player “Jin Yi”. Carrying three entries through Event #3: Hanoi Enter the Dragon, China’s “Jin Yi” secured the top prize amounting to ₫431,359,656 (~$18,890) on his third attempt. APL champion “Jin Yi” outlasted the 1,525-entry field and successfully claimed the lion’s share of the ₫3,086,600,000.

“Jin Yi” entered the final table holding a significant chip lead above the rest, but quickly lost a chunk of his stack after having four-bet jammed King-Five offsuit against “Sasa JHR”’s three-bet from the big blind. “Sasa JHR” scored the easy double up with pocket Kings and followed to eliminate “LONGCT2388” with the Rockets. “Bujizhicai” would be the next to fall with Ace-Ten as “INVESTxAkkarat” rivered a wheel straight with Ace-Three. Little did he know, his time would soon come up as he three-bet with Seven-Four of diamonds from the big blind vs “Sasa JHR”’s button open. Interestingly, both players flopped a gutshot for the six to make a straight, albeit a higher one for “Sasa JHR”. As chips slowly went into the middle on the flop and turn, the rivered crucial card gave both a straight and sent “INVESTxAkkarat” out in fifth place.

Seeking a double up, short stacked “vttPT” was fated to go as his pocket Aces was outflopped by “Jin Yi”’s flopped two-pair Queens and Nines. Getting a good run of cards, “Jin Yi” followed to eliminate “Sasa JHR” with a flopped eight-high flush against his opponent’s top pair. The last hand saw “sydens” call off his last 14 big blinds with King-Queen offsuit, only to fall to “Jin Yi”’s Ace-Jack and a runner-up payout of ₫311,881,615.

  • Buy-in: ₫2,200,000 ($96.77)
  • Date: September 20, 2021
  • Entries: 1,525 entries (957 unique, 568 re-entry)
  • GTD: ₫2,000,000,000 ($87,584.98)
  • Prize pool: ₫3,086,600,000 ($135,169.89)
  • ITM: 224 places
APL Event #3 Hanoi Enter The Dragon Results
APL Event #3 Hanoi Enter The Dragon Results

Event #4: Mid-Autumn Festival Classic – “AsesArgentosJRR” ($27,249.11)

A special celebration for the Mid-Autumn festival, Event #4 featured a ¥888,000 guaranteed prize pool for a more modest buy-in of ¥815. Garnering a total of 1,852 entries, the prize pool once again blew up to a greater ¥1,388,629.60, ¥176,129.81 of which was due for APL champion “AsesArgentosJRR”. 

An hour and a half was all it took for “AsesArgentosJRR”, who also entered as the chip lead into final table play, to claim the coveted trophy. First to go was “zeropoint” who jammed his last 8 big blinds right into “SuperHiLo”’s pocket Queens. Pressure of the increasing blinds then pushed “Un-mazing” to go with King-Queen for his last 3 big blinds and was quickly beaten by “AsesArgentosJRR” with Ace-Jack on the big blind. “JohanC-14” then eliminated both “Luoat” and “4FlushedU” in one swing with pocket Queens against two underpairs, Nines and Sixes.

Then with the shortest stack “SuperHiLo”, shoved his remaining 11 big blinds with King-Three offsuit on the button, with “Hui L” calling off with Ace-Eight from the small blind. An ace on the turn quickly sent “SuperHiLo” in fifth place, leaving the four to engage in play for another ten minutes. A classic flip of Ace-King vs Queens then had “JohanC-14” then out in fourth as no help of either Ace or King ran on the board. With three left to go, “AsesArgentosJRR” was happy to see his pocket Tens hold up against “Hui L”’s King-Jack suited as a one card flush with his 10 of spade completed the board. Heads up play lasted fairly fast with “Brtz” shoving his last 12 big blinds with Queen-Three preflop against “AsesArgentosJRR”’s pocket Kings to end the tournament (Hand shown below).

  • Buy-in: ¥815 ($126.12)
  • Date: September 21, 2021
  • Entries: 1,852 entries (1,195 unique, 657 re-entry)
  • GTD: ¥888,000 ($137,382.83)
  • Prize pool: ¥1,388,629.60 ($214,835.43)
  • ITM: 305 places
APL Event #4 Mid Autumn Festival Classic Results
APL Event #4 Mid Autumn Festival Classic Results