2021 APL Online Series III: Poland’s “MwonderchilD” Takes Down Autumn Championship for $92K, Players “MyLovePingping” and “datoude” among Latest Winners

Reaching its halfway mark, Asia Poker League’s third series of the year has so far been incredibly successful with over $3.2 million in prizes awarded across its first 12 events. Two multi-day tournaments complete the schedule with this week’s Autumn Championship awarding the series’ biggest winner to date. Poland’s “MwonderchilD” closed in on a notable ¥600,000 payday, having topped the massive 6,197-entry field. Asian players “MyLovePingping” and “datoude” likewise secured Trophy Event titles along with five-digit scores for Events #10: Macau Grand Prix and #12: Tokyo Poker Open respectively.

Asia Poker League 2021

Eight more APL trophies are waiting to be given away, with many eyeing the most exciting event of all, the concluding ¥10,000,000 guaranteed Golden Week Main Event. Multiple starting flights are currently underway with more than 300 players so far making it through the final day on October 3rd. With a couple of days left on the schedule, get ready to make your way onto the Natural8 lobby and take advantage of the network’s great value offerings and soft playing field.

Event #11: Autumn Championship – “MwonderchilD” ($92,479.99)

This series’ Autumn Championship booked the largest field so far, garnering a total of 6,197 entries throughout its Day 1s with only 923 players qualifying through the final day. The top prize for the multi-day tournament reached a whopping $92,480 and featured a mix of nationalities in the final table. In the end, it was Poland’s “MwonderchilD” who snagged the biggest payout of the ¥5,017,091 prize pool after beating Slovenia’s “kuhyc” in a heads-up play. 

Final Table of Event #11

Two hours was all it took before a champion was crowned in the Sunday game with Canada’s “CHUMBLY”, who carried the lead during the last two tables, being the final table’s first casualty. Slamming his 18-big-blind stack from the small blind, “bb830” eliminated “CHUMBLY” after his pocket Tens held against big blind “CHUMBLY”’s Ace-King. Russia’s “neverlo0se” would then follow in 8th, having run Queen-Jack from the button against “MwonderchilD”’s Ace-Jack in the small blind. The action soon picked up with an under the gun open from “TheCooon” and was met with three all-ins thereafter with big blind “Kacicka” in with pocket Kings. His monster hand, however, wouldn’t hold in the three-way as an Ace instantly came on the flop, giving “AAneverlose” a full triple up (hand shown below).

Three All-ins

“Kacicka” eventually recovered from the bad beat after capturing “bb830”’s 8-big-blind stack with pocket Queens. Already with a hefty stack, “kuhyc” piled in more chips as “TheCooon” triple-barreled right into the top of his range. “TheCooon” consequently found out he was betting his Ace-Jack high right into “kuhyc”’s full house Tens over Threes. At this point, “kuhyc” rose into the lead and was in a good spot to secure the win. “MwonderchilD”, however, also picked up the pace, scooping up “Kacicka”’s stack to surpass “kuhyc” in chips after his Ace-Jack held against “Kacicka”’s Ace-Ten.

With the blinds getting bigger, it was a matter of winning preflop races to ladder up as the pay jump now stood at five figures. Unfortunately for “AAneverlose”, his last 10 big blinds would fall into the hands of “kuhyc” after losing a crucial flip with Ace-Jack against his opponent’s pocket Nines. Going into a heads-up play, “MwonderchilD” preserved his lead to eventually eliminate “kuhyc” with Ace-Nine vs Queen-Jack (hand shown below), leaving runner-up finisher “kuhyc” a sweet $69,349.86 payout despite missing out on a trophy win.

Final Hand of Event #11

Buy-in: ¥888 ($137.52)

Date: September 26, 2021

Entries: 6,197 entries (4,775 unique, 1,422 re-entry)

GTD: ¥3,880,000 ($600,010.82)

Prize pool: ¥5,017,091.20  ($775,852.84)

ITM: 700 places

Final Table Results

Top 9 of Event #11

Event #10: Macau Grand Prix – “MyLovePingping” ($65,672.39*)

The tenth event of the series was one of the more expensive events, carrying a price tag of ¥3,300 for a share of the ¥3,567,630 prize pool. That said, the prize money up top was equally tempting as the champion was entitled to a ¥424,673.80 payout in addition to a coveted APL trophy. Similar to previous events, the Macau Grand Prix tournament recorded well above the initial ¥2,500,000 prize pool guarantee after a total of 1,138 entries joined in the esteemed tournament.

Final Table of Event #10

The final table play began with China’s “MyLovePingping” as the chip leader with 109 big blinds, followed closely by decorated player Mark Herm. Herm was one of the more experienced players, having a record of $1.5 million in winnings from the GGNetwork alone and another $1.7 million in live earnings as tracked by The Hendon Mob

Short stacked “Ragna2” was the first to jump the gun, getting his Ace-Seven in against “PapaOfSun”’s pocket Eights, only to be sent out in 9th place after missing to spike an Ace. While it took another 40 minutes before the final table would see another player leave, the next minute would prove to be action-packed as three players headed towards the exit one after the other. “RogerYang”’s King-Queen against Herm’s Ace-King, “Haversham”’s pocket Eights against “KennyloveVV”’s pocket Queens, and “rrnutscn”’s Queen-Jack against Herm’s Ace-Ten all went down in quick fashion with no bad beats coming into play. Herm was on a roll, eliminating fifth-place finisher “KennyloveVV” soon after with Jack-Four vs pocket Fours in a small blind-big blind affair. 

Both big stacks Herm and “MyLovePingping” then took it in turns to eliminate “Come on!!” and “PapaOfSun”, not before engaging in a three-way deal. Upon reaching the heads-up round, the duo battled it out for the next 20 minutes with the lead extending back and forth between the two. In the end, it was “MyLovePingping”’s Ace-King that sealed the deal to claim the APL champion title and ¥424,673 in winnings.

Final Hand of Event #10

Buy-in: ¥3,300 ($511.07)

Date: September 26, 2021

Entries: 1,138 entries

GTD: ¥2,500,000 ($386,604.91)

Prize pool: ¥3,567,630 ($551,705.31)

ITM: 197 places

Final Table Results

Top 9 of Event #10

Event #12: Tokyo Poker Open – “datoude” ($16,710.95)

Monday’s event once again extended 50% in value as its players saw the 円10,000,000 guaranteed prize pool rise to 円16,169,000, following 3,515 entries in contention. With 575 places qualifying for a minimum payout, it was the top prize of 円1,850,776 that looked most appealing to all. True to its name, 8 out of the 9 final table players represented Asian countries with Brazil’s “Mae Dinah” standing out apart from the rest.

Final Table of Event #12

Unlike many others, the final table’s first casualty wouldn’t be seen until past the first hour despite the increasing blinds. Initial big stacks found their chips dwindling as they doubled short stacks one after the other. Chip leader “datoude”, however, kept his lead while continuing to pump up the aggression as players tried their best to gain a much-needed double up. By the first break, chip leader “datoude” only had roughly 35 big blinds with 7 of the 9 players working with 20 big blinds or less.

With nowhere to go, “Mae Dinah” finally pushed his remaining 2.7 big blinds with pocket Sevens and was ultimately beaten by “datoude”’s King-Jack across the board of high cards. 10-big-blind stack “Poker1Nut” then surprisingly decided to go with Queen-Four suited on the button against “soji!!”’s under the gun open. A call with Ace-Jack, the board gave “soji!!” a nut straight to win the pot and eliminated “Poker1Nut” in 8th place. Following suit, short-stacked players “Yong sheng” and “sTormVN” found themselves in trouble as their weaker Aces failed to beat “shilai”’s and “[email protected]”’s better holdings.

As five players were left in the running, it appeared as though it was anyone’s game at this point with all runners working with a 12-20 big blind range. A massive win for “datoude”, however, would soon come up with “shilai”’s Rockets cracked by “datoude”’s suited broadways King-Queen. The pot was already brewing with “soji!!” having opened from under the gun and a call from “datoude” right behind. With the nuts, “shilai” shoved his 12-big-blind stack only to be called by “datoude” and sent to the rail in the unluckiest of ways (hand shown below).

A hand at the final table of Event #12

On a roll, “datoude” proceeded to eliminate “Songjiahao” with pocket Tens against Ace-Queen for a 20-big-blind pot and short-stacked “soji!!” not long after. Having claimed the last few hands, “datoude” held roughly a 2.5:1 chip advantage, coming into a heads-up play. While “[email protected]” managed to steal the lead for a short while, his stack began to dwindle at the end as the blinds continued to increase. The final hand saw “[email protected]” call off his less than 3-big-blind stack with King-Six for a race against “datoude”’s Seven-Nine. A terrible run-out for “[email protected]” eventually left him to settle for second place as “datoude” bagged the overall win. 

Buy-in: ​​円5,000 ($45.05)

Date: September 27, 2021

Entries: 3,515 entries (2,224 unique, 1,291 re-entry)

GTD: 円10,000,000 ($90,291.58)

Prize pool: 円16,169,000 ($145,992.45)

ITM: 575 places

Final Table Results

Top 9 of Event #12