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All New Fish Buffet and More!

By Charles S
Published in Online Poker
September 08, 2020
2 min read

Natural8 Fish Buffet Loyal Program Gets a Makeover Plus New Features Launched in September

Our Fish Buffet rewards programme is getting an exciting overhaul! Fish Buffet is Natural8’s way of giving back to our players via cashback. The more games you play on Natural8, the more Fish Points (FP) you’ll get! And the more Fish Points you collect, the higher you’ll climb up the Fish Buffet ranks. Higher ranks = bigger cashback!

What’s New:

1) Introduction of Black Ranks You can now choose to receive weekly rewards at a fixed cashback rate. Simply switch to the newly-introduced Black Ranks!

2) Maximum Rewards Increased The highest rank is now Black Shark, which offers a fixed 60% cashback, up from an average of 50% previously.

3) Integration with Casino Games Fish Points are now also awarded when you play casino games!

With the update happening on 9 Sep, your Fish Points will be reset to 0 with existing points converted to their cash value and automatically added to your balance.

And not to worry, if you’re one of the players who prefer climbing up the ranks, the classic Fish Buffet system is not going anywhere! If you’re wondering whether you should stick to the classic system or try something new, we’re here to help!

Stick with Classic Fish Buffet if:

  • You enjoy the challenge of earning points within a given amount of time
  • You enjoy spinning the wheel and the chance of getting a higher than average reward. As an example, Black Shark gives you a flat cashback rate of 60%, whereas the classic Shark ranks give you a chance of getting cashback valued at anywhere between 10% to 100%!

Switch to a Black Rank if:

  • You like to play at your own pace and don’t want to be restricted with how and when you earn points
  • You like certainty! You prefer knowing that your cashback levels will be the same every single week

No matter which you choose, we’re sure you’ll make full use of this rewards programme!

Tournament Achievement Badges

tournament badges (1) Tournament Achievement Badges will now be given to players who win specific tournaments, including the WSOP Ring Events, WSOP Bracelet Events, APT Trophy Events and more to come. Badges will also be shown in your Avatar Frame so you can truly show off in style!

Early Birds Rake Free

early birds The early bird really does catch the worm! Early birds in tournaments will now have a Bubble Protection or Rake Free option (either/or depending on the settings of the tournament). With the rake-free option, buy-in fee will be returned to players’ wallets.

Adjusted Calculations in Tournament Staking

This one is a bit more technical but will be of interest to those invested in Tournament Staking! The formula used in calculating Day 2 Staking has been adjusted to more accurately reflect players’ chips. Where previously the base price per 1% of a player’s Day 2 action was calculated by comparing the Day 2 starting chip stack with the Day 1 starting stack, now it is calculated using the Adjusted for Stack (AdjS) formula.

Adjusted for Stack = 1.35(Player’s Current Chips/Starting Chips)^0.75 Price Per 1% of share = (Adjusted for Stack)(Buy-In)*0.01

As an example, if a player’s starting chips on Day 1 was 10,000 and they have 100,000 chips on Day 2, the AdjS will be 7.59. If the buy-in of the tournament was $100 and the player sets the markup at 2, then price for 1% of the player’s share will be $15.18.

Chat Available For More Tables

And finally, chatting is now available for all game types including Hold’em, Omaha, AoF, Short Deck, Rush & Cash, Spin & Gold, and Chinese Hold’em. You can also chat as an observer at the table. Time to express yourself and enjoy!

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