Thanks to the Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot, bad luck can sometimes be good! One lucky player discovered this in an outrageous fashion early this year, after an incredible run of two BBJs in two days. 

India’s “Stickingsimba” picked up a combined reward of $698.11 while playing at stakes as low as $0.01 / $0.02! Let’s take a look at exactly what happened and learn how you too can get a piece of the action.

The second of two Bad Beat Jackpots in two days for Stickingsimba

The Stickingsimba Story

24th March 2022 will forever be etched into the memory of this Natural8 player based in India. Just a day earlier, “Stickingsimba” had been grinding away at the $0.01/$0.02 Rush & Cash No-Limit Hold’em tables. It was just another session until he looked down at a pair of deuces in the Small Blind. 

After a UTG raise of 2.5x from “BtcHODL”, “xlykk999x” chose to call in Seat 4. Our hero opted to defend his Small Blind and take a flop. His eyes would have surely lit up at the 7(Club)-A(Club)-2(Spade) board, and he quite understandably checked to the initial aggressor, who bet 3.5x. 

However, our friend “xlykk999x” surprised everyone with a raise, and “Stickingsimba” called cold. Perhaps this should have sounded the alarm for “BtcHODL”, but they decided to call anyway.

Quad Deuces 

The last 2 hit on the turn and “Stickingsimba” couldn’t believe his luck. Especially when “xlykk999x” fired a bet of roughly one-third the size of the pot. Our hero decided to control the amount of money in the middle and played his four of a kind slowly with a flat call. The river card brought a repeated 7, but “Stickingsimba” wasn’t worried, since the only possible hand that could beat was a pocket pair of sevens. And how likely was that, right?

The chips hit the middle, and “Stickingsimba” must be laughing at this point. However, his delight would quickly have turned to shock and fury. His opponent flipped over the stone-cold nuts to take down a pot containing over 220 Big Blinds. If ever there was a lesson about not slowplaying a hand, this was it.

Happily for our hero though, he got away with it this time. At the Rush & Cash Hold’em tables, if you lose with Aces full of tens or better, you will qualify for the Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot. As a result, he bagged himself a tidy sum of $122!

A Bad Beat Jackpot of $122 allowed Stickingsimba to play higher at stakes

Lightning Strikes Twice

As a result of the previous day’s success, “Stickingsimba” moved up to higher stakes on 24th March. Still playing Rush & Cash No-Limit Hold’em, our protagonist was now taking on the $0.05/$0.10 tables. And he must have been licking his lips when he looked down at A-T under the gun in a six-handed game.

This time, there was no slowplaying. He correctly fired out a nicely sized raise of 2.2x BB and found two callers, as both blinds chose to defend. After flopping the middle pair, both players checked to the raiser, which was a standard move. 

Interestingly, “Stickingsimba” opted to take a free turn card by checking behind with his middle pair. This card was the A(Heart), giving him a solid two pairs.

Aces Full of Tens

On the turn, the Big Blind elected to fire with a bet of around three-quarters of the pot. Our hero called and the Small Blind left them to battle it out. The river card paired the board with the A(Spade), giving “Stickingsimba” a full house. Lovely stuff.

After a bet from the Big Blind, he quite rightly elected to raise, and “JustSkill” in the Big Blind shoved. Once again, our Indian friend must be delighted to see such action and happily called, only to see A-Q give the Big Blind a better full house with aces full of queens.

What’s interesting about this hand is that “Stickingsimba” was never ahead at any point. But the rules of the Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot are clear. If you lose with Aces full of tens or better at a Hold’em table, you are eligible for the prize. 

Luckily for the man in question, those rules banked him a massive Bad Beat Jackpot payout of $576.11, with a total of $933.26 being shared across the entire table. Wow!

The Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot pools can be quite lucrative

What is the Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot?

We all know the feeling of a cold deck. That punch in the stomach when you flop a set, only to see your opponent make a bigger one. Or when you think you have the pot locked up, only to see the villain hit a miracle one-outer. But Natural8 offers players at all stakes a form of consolation, in the shape of a Bad Beat Jackpot.

Whether you’re a high roller or a micro-stakes grinder, all levels have their own individual jackpot. And if your unfortunate loss meets all of the necessary criteria, you’ll earn a cut of the consolation prize pool. 

But the prize is not only for the unlucky recipient of the bad beat; everyone else at the table also takes a share of the pot!

How Does the Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot Work?

The Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot is pretty simple to understand, but the rules do vary depending on which form of poker you are playing. Let’s run through them now.

Qualifying Rules

The minimum qualifying hand depends on what type of game you’re playing. So, while “Stickingsimba”’s biggest Bad Beat jackpot score came with Aces full of tens, that would not have qualified had he been playing PLO. 

You can see the full list of Natural 8 Bad Beat Jackpot qualifying hands in the table below.

Natural8 Game TypeMinimum Qualifying Hand
Hold’emAces full of tens
Rush & Cash Hold’emAces full of tens
Short DeckFour Sixes
PLOFour Twos
Rush & Cash PLOFour Eights
PLO5Four Eights

We should also point out that you must use both hole cards in order to qualify. Further, both players must hold the best possible hand and it must go all the way to a showdown.

Payout Rules

If you do qualify for the Natural 8 Bad Beat Jackpot, it’s not only you who gets to celebrate. Although you will obviously receive a big payout, you won’t take down the entire jackpot pool. 

First of all, everyone else at the table also receives a piece of the pie. But secondly, you only take a share of the prize fund, to ensure that other players can still collect if another bad beat follows close behind. 

The exact payouts are awarded according to the below chart.

Jackpot ShareJackpot Recipient
10%Bad beat victim (2nd best hand)
3%Bad beat beneficiary (pot winner)
0.08%All other players at the table

There is a unique Natural 8 Bad Beat Jackpot pool for every stake level. So the payouts awarded to “Stickingsimba” would not have affected the $0.02 / $0.05 Jackpot pool, for instance.

Natural 8 Bad Beat Jackpot: Conclusion

The Natural8 Bad Beat Jackpot is a pretty lucrative consolation prize to help ease your frustration when you experience a cooler. And just like our friend “Stickingsimba”, you too can turn bad luck into good luck!

So why not create a free account with Natural8 and start playing today?