Week 2 of the Battle of Malta has just ended, and the event is now in its third week. More than €8,000,000 in cash prizes were distributed last week. 5 featured events ran from 17th-23rd July, and these featured events distributed €2,116,233 in total. 

Battle of Malta: Events Map

Let’s check out the summary of the 5 featured events last week. 

#6: Kings of Tallinn Main Event €220

Event #6 was a No-Limit Hold’em tournament that started on the 17th of July. It attracted 2,494 participants and had a guaranteed prize pool of €400,000. The huge number of participants resulted in the prize pool going over the guaranteed amount. In the end, the total amount distributed was €504,785.60

The event ran for more than 9 hours. In the end, “Jaywu1111” emerged as the first champion of the week’s featured events and won €65,456.80. With two re-entries in the event, “TwoBeatSix” and “scout 777” came in second (€49,500.89) and third places (€37,120.41) respectively. 

Popular Natural8 streamers such as Q_Poker and Bryan Paris were playing in the same event as well, with the former ending his run at 22nd place and the latter at 307th place. 

#7: Global MILLION$ European Cup, €1M GTD 

On the same day, the final day of Event #7 with €1M GTD was happening as well. The Global MILLION$ European Cup attracted a total entry of 20,842, with 2,927 players successfully entering into the final day. 

The final day lasted for more than six hours. In the end, “LLinusLLvoe” came out top and took home €83,479.51 while the runner-up and well-known influencer, Andrejs Kovalovs, had a payout of €63,010.86. The second runner-up, “senara”, managed to secure €47,251.45.

#8: Iron Throne Marathon €110

Two days later, on 19th July, the €110 Iron Throne Marathon with a €125,000 guaranteed prize pool happened. 1,449 players registered for the event, and the final prize pool exceeded the guaranteed amount slightly at €146,638.80. After more than 10 hours, player “Songonku”, with 2 entries, secured first place and a payout of €20,213.04. Runner-up “Lack-skill” took home €15,573.09 while second runner-up, NoNutsNoGlory, received €11,678.18 for their efforts. 

Poker pro Dara O Kearney was knocked out at 189th rank (€187.24).

#9: Bounty for the Queen €315

The next featured event was the €315 Bounty for the Queen with €250,000 guaranteed. The event had 1,044 players and exceeded its guaranteed prize pool by more than €100,000. The final prize pool was €313,200.

This was a progressive bounty event, and at least €75 was awarded for each player eliminated. 9 hours after the event started, player “ROLLINGDR0NE” was the last man standing. Including all their bounties, the total payout they received for the event was €34,663.55. In the second place was “geladinhaRLS”, who received €6,633.63 in bounties and a total of €19,427.16. 

Along with their bounties that totaled up to €3,470.37, the second runner-up “Gyth_27” left the table with a total of €13,498.32.

#10: Three-Cities Challenge €330 [3-Stack]

For the last featured event, 494 players battled it out for the final prize pool of €151,608.60, which actually exceeded the €150,000 guaranteed prize pool. The event concluded in less than 9 hours.

With 4 re-entries, “In-it2minit”’s perseverance paid off when they emerged as the champion and took home €27,165.40. “Lokimon” received €20,786.99 for coming in second, while the second runner-up, “TheKhopMan”, left the table with €15,588.04.

Poker pro Sergey Rybachenko, who cashed in $1,439,772 (at the time of writing) in his career, participated in the same event as well but was eliminated early at rank 218. A sponsored pro, Kazuki Ikeuchi, was also seen playing in the same event, but he cashed out at rank 45 with €597.98.


Congratulations to all the winners of the 5 featured events, as well as the winners of the side events, of week 2. 

With only 8 featured events remaining for the Battle of Malta, make sure you don’t miss it! 

  • Grand Harbour Superstack €550
  • Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$, €1M GTD 
  • Gladiator 6-Max €330
  • Bounty for the King €525
  • St. Julian’s Bounty Feast €105
  • GGMasters Royal Championship €1,050
  • Omaholic Crusaders Bounty Quest €210
  • Main Event, €2.5M GTD 

If you are looking to buy in for a fraction of the cost, check out the tournament lobby for the satellites. 

Don’t forget about the leaderboard challenge that is going on as well. Climb the ranks as you play, for the top 25 leaderboard winners will also win an entry to The Battle of Malta Main Event in October as well as a 5-star hotel package.

If you are interested in knowing who the winners of Week 1 were, check out the recap of Week 1 here.

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