As one of the leading online poker platforms in Asia, Natural8 is always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance its players’ playing experience. In the first quarter of 2022, Natural8 added a new gaming feature for Hold’em Cash Games called the Bet on Flop, which is its latest addition to a string of successful features such as AoF Bingo, the real-life-like 3D Card Squeeze, and Snapcam

If you have ever found yourself predicting the outcome of the flop as you waited for the rest of the players to make up their minds, well then, guess what! Now you can use this power to play and potentially win more than the winner of the pot. 

As a feature that places a game within a game, you will now get to place an additional bet on top of your blinds as you predict the outcome of the flop. 

Side bets such as the Bet on Flop have long existed, especially for high-stakes poker games. In fact, PokerStars had a feature that was literally called Side Bets, which offered wagering options on future hole cards as well as flops. 

So… How Does Bet on Flop Work? 

Bet on Flop
The Bet on Flop icon is discreetly placed at the left bottom corner of the table so that it doesn’t distract those who are looking to purely concentrate on poker.

Making a flop bet is as easy as ABC. With this feature, you will essentially be playing against the house instead of the other players. The bet size starts from 1BB all the way to 100BB, so no matter what, as long as you are willing to bet, there will be a bet size for you. 

Another thing about Bet on Flop is that, there’s no skill needed, just pure luck. If you are bored and want to gamble a little, feel free to place a bet on any of the available outcomes. You can even close your eyes and just let Lady Luck guide your hand. 

With this feature, there’s a high chance that you may be more excited about the flop than the whole hand itself, especially if your hand is not one of the premiums. 

What About the Payouts?

Bet TypePayoutFlop DescriptionRTP
2 Red / 2 Black2.4x2 red cards or 2 black cards on the flop95.51%
3 Red / 3 Black4x3 red cards or 3 black cards on the flop94.37%
Pair5x2 cards are the same rank and 1 of another rank75.43%
Flush17x3 cards of the same suit not of sequential rank82.58%
Straight25x3 cards of sequential rank, not of the same suit84.69%
Straight Flush or Three of a Kind170x3 cards of sequential rank and of the same suit OR Three cards of the same rank77.35%

*Table is accurate as per the time of writing

With Bet on Flop, you can potentially win up to 170x your bet, which is the highest payout that you can get. The side bet feature comes with a fixed set of payouts, ranging from 2.4x for more black/red up to 170x for a three-card Straight Flush or Three of a Kind hand. So, a $1 bet on Flush would return $17 – a win of $16 together with the $1 bet. Players can expect an RTP (Return to Player) of up to 95.51%. An RTP is essentially the game’s average payback rate. For example, if the RTP is 95.51%, that means the game pays back an average of $95.51 for every $100 wagered.


While side-betting features are not something brand new in the world of online poker, it definitely brings a new element of non-poker bets into a regular game of poker. So now, your question while waiting for others to finish their hands should be: what will the flop be? More red or more black? Or perhaps pair, trips, or flush? 

Remember, with this feature, even if you lose the hand, you can still win.