Innovation on the fastest-growing online poker network continues, as players from all over the world can now participate in the brand new Sit & Go Survival game “Battle Royale”.

This new and exciting SNG format is unlike any other in the online poker world, combining some of the most popular game types with a fast-paced environment.

Those familiar with streaming platforms such as Twitch may immediately be reminded of Battle Royale games such as first-person shooters “Player Unknown Battlegrounds” and “Fortnite”. Battle Royale is the poker version of these games, where players have to defeat opponents to score cash prizes.

Battle Royale will combine fast-fold action, shootouts and progressive knockout bounties across three different stages. This new SNG format will be capped at 100 entries and kick off upon demand.

Four buy-in levels will be available at launch: $0.25, $1, $3, and $10. However, depending on popularity, more tiers might be added in the future.

Battle Royale Highlights

  • 100-player SNG format with three stages
  • $0.25, $1, $3, and $10 buy-ins
  • Progressive Knockout (PKO) action all the way
  • 10% of the field will earn a portion of the cash prize pool
  • Very modest rake of 4% on the lowest possible buy-in and 5% on all stakes thereafter

Battle Royale Stages

  • Stage 1: Fast fold SNG pool plays down to 50 survivors
  • Stage 2: Ten five-handed shootout tables with all-in mode after 15 minutes
  • Stage 3: Ten-handed Final Table as regular knockout format with 5-minute chess-clock
Battle Royale Stages

Let’s take a closer look at the three different stages:

Stage 1 – Feel the Rush

Fast-fold has been available for several years now on Natural8, but was limited to Rush & Cash pools for cash game players.

This will now change with Battle Royale, as the first stage will feature six-handed MTT action with a maximum of 100 entries. The clock will be running, with an allowance of 15 minutes for the first stage to conclude.

If the clock reaches zero upon completion of the last hand and there are still more than 50 players in contention, all those outside of the top 50 will be eliminated. In the case of a tie, the number of kills (opponents eliminated) and hands played will determine the final ranking.

Bounties of players who fail to make the cut (without being knocked out by another player) will be added to the remaining prize pool.

Stage 2 – Shootout

With 50 players remaining, ten shootout tables will be drawn at random and the chip stacks of the first stage will be carried over.

Each table plays down to a winner and once more, there will be a 15-minute timer in place. If more than one player remains after the clock has reached zero, the SNG enters an automatic all-in mode until just one contender remains.

Stage 3 – Final Table

With ten players remaining, the game essentially turns into a regular ten-handed MTT final table.

Players will also be able to select their seats. This is not done in order of chips, but will be determined by how fast survivors lock up their seats on the final table.

The chess clock, which is enabled during all featured events on the GGPoker Network, will be in place and all players will receive a maximum of five minutes extra time to act. Instead of each level featuring a certain time limit, the final table will use a specific number of hands to determine when the blinds will go up.

All ten finalists will secure a portion of the cash prize pool, and with 90% of the field already eliminated at this stage, sizable PKO bounties may well be up for grabs. No deal will be possible, and the top two finishers will earn near-identical cash prizes. It will be down to the bounties to boost players’ bankrolls.

With games predicted to run for approximately one hour each, this is the perfect game type for recreational players to have some fun at the poker tables.

Weekly $15,000 Leaderboards

For the grinders out there, Battle Royale will feature weekly leaderboards for each buy-in level. For each game they participate in, players will earn one point regardless of their final standing. During Happy Hour, 1.5x points will be credited for each completed game.

This month (June 2021), a total of $15,000 will be up for grabs every week across the four available stakes:

  • $10 buy-in: $8,270 in weekly prizes; up to 50 spots paid
  • $3 buy-in: $3,945 in weekly prizes; up to 100 spots paid
  • $1 buy-in: $2,160 in weekly prizes; up to 100 spots paid
  • $0.25 buy-in: $672 in weekly prizes; up to 200 spots paid

Make sure you try out this exciting game format for yourself, as it may well take the poker world by storm in the months to come!