Halloween season is upon us, and this time around players will be spoilt for choice with promos galore on Natural8. First up is the unique and mysterious Game of Squids, a one of a kind event inspired by the latest Netflix craze – Squid Game. There’s also Trick or Treat with Natural8, which will see players complete simple daily missions for a virtual trick or treat session.

Game of Squids

Intrigued and inspired by the latest Netflix series, Squid Game, that has been taking the world by storm, Natural8 brings to you its latest challenge—The Game of Squids

The Game of Squids is a unique FREE TO PLAY event that features a series of tournaments with a special twist. This series will put your survival skills to the test and challenge even the most seasoned poker player. Show off your knowledge, endurance, agility, strength, and cunning over 6 intense rounds of specially designed poker tournaments. 

Each round in the Game of Squids will eliminate the weakest of players and the remaining players will be one step closer to the prize. The competition will be tougher as you inch closer and closer to the cash prize.

Game of Squids: Registration

Natural8 is looking for 456 players to take part in this battle. If you have what it takes, head on down to Game of Squids to register. All players are welcome and it’s absolutely free to play. There are LIMITED SEATS available so be quick and decisive. Registration closes on 25th October 2021.

Trick or Treat with Natural8

Celebrate Halloween with Natural8

The spooky season of Halloween is upon us again, and Natural8 is back with an exciting “Trick or Treat” promotion. But instead of candy, you’ll get the chance to win cash game dollars, cold hard cash or an iPhone 13 Pro Max!

More than $2,200 in Daily Prizes to be Won

Starting from 25th October, players will be able to sign up for the “Trick or Treat with Natural8” promotion. Players who opt for the safer choice of “Treat” will receive guaranteed cash game dollars as a prize. Players with a bigger risk appetite can opt for “Trick” where they stand a chance to win cash or an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  • TREAT: Win guaranteed cash game dollars, ranging from between $3 to $8. 
  • TRICK: Stand a chance to win cash, or an iPhone 13 Pro Max! 

Seven Days = Seven Missions

From 25th – 31st October, there will be one mission a day for players to complete! No two missions are the same, and they don’t carry over to the next day or impact your ability to complete other missions. This means you are free to complete just one or as many missions as you want! 

There is however an incentive to complete all 7, as players who do so automatically gain entry into a bonus flipout (with an additional $2,000 in prizes) happening on 1st November!

How to Participate

This “Trick or Treat with Natural8” promotion is open to all Natural8 players. If you don’t yet have an account, sign up now for free!

What’s Next on Natural8

The Good Game Series of Poker (GGSOP) is currently happening on Natural8, from 23rd October until 7th November 2021. While the Sharks are off to play in WSOP Vegas, GGSOP is here for players to recreate their very own WSOP experience – at much lower and affordable stakes. There will be a variety of 54 events and buy-ins start from $2.50, so now everyone can play!