Online poker has grown to be a popular hobby, recreational sport, and profitable career for many amateurs and professionals. Thousands log on to major platforms each day with leading operators continuing to vie for players’ attention. As such, having a generous reward system has proved to be a worthwhile strategy in attracting more traffic. Asia’s largest online poker room, Natural8, remains an excellent choice for online poker; especially since its Fish Buffet promotion gives its players an exciting and beneficial way to rack up rewards.

Fish Buffet – A permanent feature on Natural8

Fish Buffet Rewards Programme

A permanent feature of the GGNetwork skin, Natural8’s Fish Buffet is a cashback programme where players can earn points from raked poker and casino games to level up and win prizes. Just testing their luck on the virtual felt will automatically qualify them for the points. Players can use the collected points to climb the ranks for bigger rewards. Starting at an average 15% cashback, grinders can make their way through the highest level by earning more Fish Points. The ultimate goal? A fixed cashback valued at a whopping 60%!

On average, poker players earn 100 Fish Points for every $1 spent. This makes it fairly quick and easy to build up the required number of points within the allotted time frame. As for casino game enthusiasts, their Fish Points depend on the types of games and the total amount they wager.

Leveling Up: Up to 60% cashback for GGPlatinum users

With 25 ranks across eight main levels, players can test their luck by spinning the Fish Buffet’s Reward Wheel after meeting the listed Fish Points requirement. Varying probabilities entailed in each rank add even more fun to the players’ already thrilling gaming experience, with the average cashback % available going up in value. In addition, players who focus on earning Fish Points can work their way towards a higher level for increased rewards.

Fish Buffet Ranks

Players who have failed to spin the Reward Wheel on time need not fret. Rewards from unopened wheel spins will be automatically credited to their accounts after 30 days. Even if players failed to meet the required Fish Points to maintain their ranks, they would still be allowed to redeem 10% of their expired FP amount.

Platinum Ranks

Additionally, players who want to receive a weekly flat cashback have the option to switch to a lower Platinum Rank for fixed rewards. No spins and no time limits, players can collect their prizes every Monday for points earned the week prior. Players under this cashback system get to enjoy a one-year Platinum status with the Platinum Fish level, which requires no minimum number of points for renewal. Similarly, loyal users who fail to meet the one-year Fish Points requirement will drop one level down. However, they always have the opportunity to climb right back up.

While the Platinum Ranks feature offers fixed rewards, Natural8 users can still keep their eye on making it through the five main levels, with GGPlatinum being the highest.

  • All Octopus, Crab, and Shrimp can switch to Platinum Fish
  • All Whales can switch to Platinum Octopus
  • You need to clear Platinum Whale to become Platinum Shark and clear Platinum Shark to become GGPlatinum
RankRewardsAverage Cashback %
GGPlatinum$1 per 167 FP60%
Platinum Shark$1 per 182 FP55%
Platinum Whale$1 per 200 FP50%
Platinum Octopus$1 per 285 FP35%
Platinum Fish$1 per 500 FP20%
Weekly Flat Cashback

To grasp a better feel of the site’s main rewards promotion, players can switch back and forth between the two types. By doing so, they will be able to find the playing style that truly fits them best. Apart from this, those who feel the burnout of online gaming are also in for a treat as their Fish Buffet memberships will always be there as long as their accounts remain valid. When they return after a refreshing break, players can run their luck right on the felt and instantly jump on to earn Fish Points any time of the day.


Natural8’s Fish Buffet cashback programme continues to be a fan favorite among many as it gives players added value to their money and serves to be a great surprise as well. Not only has this promotion set an industry standard, but it has also grown to become a signature part of the GGNetwork experience. Giving back to its user base, Natural8’s fresh take on the standard rakeback system boasts endless options and a fair chance for everyone to claim the highest rewards possible across the scene.

Whether you’re winning or losing on the felt, there’s no better place to take your action than on Natural8, one of the best poker platforms in the world. With endless games running 24/7, generous promotions, modern features, and more importantly, soft table action, the question remains – What more can you ask for?

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