Natural8 Smart HUD

Since 2018, the GGPoker Network has featured a built-in heads-up display (HUD) to provide statistics about all players at the table. The tool, aptly named Smart HUD, has received several updates and the latest improvement as of June 2021 represents a major overhaul of the feature.

HUD’s have become a pivotal aid for serious grinders all over the world who call the online poker tables their home. However, third-party tools created a major disadvantage for recreational players and many operators have since taken steps to prohibit them during play. Another approach is the built-in solution available to everyone, which is the case on the GGPN.

To those unfamiliar with the most common abbreviations, terms such as VPIP, PFR, ATS, and WSD may sound like old Greek hieroglyphs. What are the most common terms and which ones does the Smart HUD available to players on Natural8 use? Let’s have a look below.

  • VPIP = Voluntarily Put Money in Pot
  • PFR = Pre Flop Raise
  • 3Bet = Three-Bet (Reraise preflop)
  • ATS = Attempt to Steal
  • CB = Continuation Bet
  • FCB = Fold to Continuation Bet
  • CCB = Call Continuation Bet
  • RCB = Raise Continuation Bet
  • WT = Went to Showdown
  • WSD = Won Money at Showdown
  • TAF = Total Aggression Frequency

Several sites such as Run it Once Poker, Winamax and the iPoker network have rolled out their own built-in tracking solutions with basic stats displayed. Partypoker offers MyGame, a learning tool that analyzes playing style. However, the latest update for the Smart HUD on Natural8 rivals them all and once more showcases the progress of the fastest-growing online poker network in the last few years.

The VPIP and number of hands played were already available for some time. A simple click on the player profile also revealed their MTT cashes and the top five biggest wins and losses against them during cash game sessions. However, new stats have been added such as continuation bet percentages on flop and turn, along with showdown stats on the river.

In a nutshell, more details about multi-street behavior is now available to everyone. That includes fold, call and raise to a continuation bet on the flop and turn. Add to that the showdown percentage, number of hands, and the aggression frequency on the river and the bigger picture becomes available.

Furthermore, the all-time VPIP is now available for all players and can be accessed with a simple click. No external tracking software or database sites such as Sharkscope, Pokerprolabs or Official Poker Rankings are needed to determine the success of opponents on the GGPoker Network.

Natural8 Smart HUD Player Notes

A Heads Up Display for All Players

During tournaments, SNG and cash games alike, the Luck Factor and Heat Index are available. Is an opponent running good throughout the last couple of hands during the current session or is he on a losing streak? The visual signs are showing without any further click required.

For the fast-fold cash game variant Rush & Cash, the stats are combined across all tables of the currently active pool. All other game types feature the specific table and tournament session instead. And since the update on September 9, 2020, players can also see their own Smart HUD information with a click on the own alias while seated.

The All-in or Fold cash game tables also include an All-In stat which measures how often a players goes all-in or calls an all-in. This data is based on the specific table only and the lobby information shows each entry separately.

Players can also check the opponent’s challenges for Spin & Gold jackpot SNG via the smart HUD as well. The built-in tool furthermore offers the option to follow the progress of staked players via the tournament lobby (at the bottom left), the Smart HUD or the staking profile in PokerCraft.

The Smart HUD is the most sophisticated built-in tool available to all players on the online poker market right now, even more so with the new additions and lifetime stats.