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New and Improved Smart Betting

By Shane C
Published in Online Poker
September 01, 2019
2 min read

Smarter Decisions with Smart Betting

An industry first that uses a machine learning algorithm to give you the perfect betting suggestion! We live by our motto of making Poker fun again. 

From the built-in poker analysis and study tool PokerCraft, to the integrated heads-up display Smart HUD; from innovative Cash Drops which rewards players up to 65% rakeback, to Bubble Protection that refunds players their buy-ins from tournaments if they bust out just before the money; we have a variety of unique features such as built-in Tournament Staking, Run it Thrice, Straddle, Rabbit Hunt and many more.

smart betting 1

We now bring to you another technological innovation waking from its deep slumber.

Smart Betting, an industry first that uses a machine learning algorithm for real time clustering of all betting data from every player per game type. 

Smart Betting is available only for mobile apps which will help reduce betting thinking time. It is designed to enhance betting sizes for mobile users by suggesting bet size options based on their personal (betting) patterns.

The feature will work on both Texas Hold’em and Omaha (PLO) cash game formats and the fast-fold Rush & Cash format. Hold’em and Rush & Cash will share the same Smart Bet settings. It will work separately for Omaha.

It uses an algorithm to remember your betting patterns. When you have a betting decision to make, artificial intelligence (AI) provides you with a series of betting options. The AI can also suggest optimal betting options, regardless of your previous behaviour.

Preset betting suggestions are certainly not new with options such as half-pot, 75% pot, and full pot buttons offered. However, Smart Betting sets these dynamically for each player by predicting what the player would want to bet. This will definitely make playing Poker on mobile way more convenient and smoother. 

smart betting 2

It’s always a hassle to type the amount you want to bet or be accurate with bet sliders, so you now have the option to use Smart Betting if you like it! You no longer need to manually enter the bet size each time you face a decision in deciding the appropriate betting amount.

Once the functionality is activated, every time a player has a betting decision, the player will be presented with three unique bet size options. The suggested bet sizes can be refreshed as many times as a player would like, which gives a new set of bets to choose from.

It will function regardless of what you’ve set your basic bet % preferences to. Pressing the X button will allow you to return to normal betting mode for that turn. You can use this in certain situations that require specific bet amounts and Smart Bet will resume on the following turn.

This new feature will undoubtedly help you in maximizing value, especially in the upcoming Natural8 Good Game Series 3.

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