2021 APL Online Series III: Three More Winners Bag APL Champion Titles Across Events #13-15

Asia Poker League Online Series 2021

Capping off its last few days, this season’s Asia Poker League online series has taken the Natural8 platform by storm with every event having swiftly blown through each prize guarantee. To date, 15 out of the 20 Jade Trophy Events have been completed so far with over $3.7 million in prize money awarded to its winners. Five tournaments remain on schedule with starting flights for the most awaited ¥10,000,000 guaranteed Golden Week Main Event currently underway. 

Closing in the two-week lineup is the Main Event’s final day where the champion is guaranteed an impressive $195K payout. More than 500 players have qualified through as of today, which means the field would be close to the money once gameplay begins on October 3rd. If you haven’t made it through yet, there’s no need to fret as multiple day 1s are still available until the last day, ensuring everyone has a good chance to claim that massive top prize.

Event #13: Kunshan King of the Hill [6-Max] – “XHX-1991” ($22,674.27)

Posting one of the smallest prize guarantees, Event #13: Kunshan King of the Hill still paid out a notable ¥146,442 after champion “XHX-1991” beat Japan’s “porakn2” in heads up play. The Tuesday tournament attracted 1,778 entries in total, with only 260 players sharing in the ¥1,079,601.60 prize pool. China’s runners have so far dominated the APL games, crowning 7 winners including “XHX-1991” throughout the first 13 tournaments. 

Seven players filled the final table, led by “XHX-1991” with roughly 70 big blinds. It took a while before the first casualty, when “Irenebabe” would be seen leaving the tournament. With 2.5 big blinds left, “Irenebabe” went with pocket Sevens in a three-way pot against “porakn2” and “xs1970”. An open from middle position, “porakn2”’s Ace-Queen of clubs was met with a call all-in from “Irenebabe” and a rejam from short-stacked “xs1970” in the small blind with Ace-Nine of hearts. Luckily, the board favored “xs1970” running a flush of hearts for a full triple up. His run however, would soon end as he slammed through his 18 big blind stack vs “NobrainNowin7”’s under the gun raise. Following a call from “NobrainNowin7” with pocket Queens, “xs1970”’s Ace-seven offsuit was in a tough spot and eventually sent him to exit in 6th place.

A few hands later, “Sean86923” would find himself crippled after running two-pair against “porakn2”’s nut straight on the turn. With the winning hand, “porakn2” scooped up a 45 big blind pot for the lead, leaving “Sean86923” with 2 big blinds and soon out in 5th place. It didn’t take long for “XHX-1991” to regain his chip lead once again especially after eliminating “0LiNiWiN” with King-Jack from the button against his opponent’s big blind jam with Ace-Four. Chips would then swing back and forth between “XHX-1991” and “porakn2” in a series of cooler hands. (Hand shown below)

Shortest stacked “NobrainNowin7” soon found himself in trouble with his Ace-Ten suited having ran into “porakn2”’s pocket Aces. Despite turning a double gutshot straight on the turn, no help came on the river, shipping the crucial pot to “porakn2” to begin the heads up battle with a slight advantage. “XHX-1991” however would prove to be a difficult opponent, having won several small pots to eventually secure the win and capture “porakn2”’s remaining five big blinds with bottom pair for the title.

Buy-in: ¥660 ($102.19)

Date: September 28, 2021

Entries: 1,778 entries (1,074 unique, 704 re-entry)

GTD: ¥800,000 ($123,867)

Prize Pool: ¥1,079,601.60 ($167,158.77)

ITM: 260 places

Final Table Results

Event #14: Xi’an Silk Road Bounty – “Gleb 1911” ($7,474.04 + $8,672.96 bounty)

Another exciting bounty event went down this Wednesday with Ukraine’s “Gleb 1911” topping the 2,362-entry field for a combined ¥104,193.64 in winnings. The popular format gave the winner a bigger payout from the bounties (amounting to ¥55,912.07 in total), with the set prize money just slightly under for ¥48,281.57. Once again, the 14th event of the series surpassed its initial guarantee of ¥800,000 to bring a bigger ¥1,181,000 prize pool for its top 332 entrants.

Three players entered the final table with less than 20 big blinds to work with, including decorated player “SeeGii” who had the biggest bounty in the table. Shortest stacked “wulizhuz” was the first to jump the gun, shoving his 7 big blinds with Ace-Jack, only to run into chip leader “ZWC8794”’s Ace-King. It took another half an hour for the next elimination to come up with “SeeGii” in the losing end of a flip against “balooooo0o”’s pocket Eights. With the increasing blinds, “Zeez1998” found himself among the short stacks with 9 big blinds left. From the cut off, “Zeez1998” took the chance with Queen-Nine suited, called by “Gleb 1911” in the big blind with King-Seven for the win.

As six-handed play continued, “balooooo0o” opened with Six-Four suited and decided to call-off “veidzi”’s all-in for 7 big blinds more. A flop of three three’s meant “veidzi” remained ahead but a Six on the turn consequently gave “balooooo0o” enough to beat the monster hand. Another bad beat soon played out with “Gambleris” on the losing end of a supposedly sweet spot. With pocket Queens in tow, “Gambleris” got his overpair in on the Jack-high flop against “Gleb 1911”’s Ace-Jack. The turn however, showed another Jack, giving “Gleb 1911” trips to bust his Austrian opponent. On a roll, “Gleb 1911” then scooped up “jackpot king”’s chips with pocket Kings against pocket Fours.

With three players left, “ZWC8794” was in search of a double up being the shortest stack of the trio. Unable to find one, “ZWC8794” dwindled down to 2 big blinds which was later claimed by “balooooo0o” with Ace-King. Despite having eliminated multiple players in the final table, “baloooo0o” couldn’t beat “Gleb 1911”’s run of cards, getting it in with Ace-Five for the final hand against pocket Eights. With no Ace on the board, “balooooo0o” settled for second place and ¥66,987 in combined prizes.

Buy-in: ¥550 ($81.27)

Date: September 29, 2021

Entries: 2,362 entries (1,538 unique, 824 re-entry)

GTD: ¥800,000 ($123,840.93)

Prize Pool: ¥1,181,000 ($182,820.17)

ITM: 332 places

Final Table Results

Event #15: Sanya Bay Shooting Star – “PenangCKT” ($25,903.63)

Counting down the remaining tournaments, the ¥1,000,000 guaranteed Event #15: Sanya Bay Shooting Star was highly promising as ¥167,592.36 was set for the eventual champion. Similarly, the event once again surpassed expectations, recording a total of 1,693 entries to boost the prize pool to a bigger ¥1,308,350.40. In the end, it was Malaysia’s “PenangCKT” who successfully bagged the win, claiming the country’s first champion title for the series, as well as an exclusive APL trophy.

Two European players “GuG10f0n” and “lylyzer” began final table play with the largest stacks and decorated player “StickyBandit” following closely behind. The first five minutes quickly saw “dushen625”’s 44 big blinds right in the middle with Ace-King against “PenangCKT”’s pocket Kings. Dodging an Ace, “PenangCKT” snagged the massive pot to jump in the lead right off the bat. “StickyBandit”’s monster hand – pocket Queens however, soon cost him a chance of the title as “NicoloBarella” received a better run out with his Ace-Jack for a 62 big blind pot added right onto his stack. Another monster hand was shortly seen, this time with “Lynn-159” facing “GuG10f0n”’s pocket Kings to exit in seventh place.

Winning flips in tournaments is crucial to climbing pay jumps, as was the case for “soji!!” whose 9.5 big blinds was up against “NicoloBarella”’s pocket Sevens. Two queens showed up on the flop instantly giving “soji!!” trip Queens, but a Seven on the turn ended up awarding “NicoloBarella” the pot with a full house. Pressure on the blinds soon saw “jolen” in with Ace-Nine suited against “PenangCKT”’s King-Ten suited in an open-call off situation. A King-high flop left “jolen” drawing for an Ace which ultimately did not come on either the turn or river.

The next eventful hand was evident in a small blind-big blind affair, beginning with an open from “GuG10f0n” in the small blind and a call from “PenangCKT” right behind. Two Kings showed up on the flop as “GuG10f0n” fired a half pot continuation bet. “PenangCKT” called once again to see a Ten on the turn, met with a check from both players. A third club arrived on the river pushing “GuG10f0n” to place a hefty bet only to be jammed on by “PenangCKT”. “GuG10f0n” called off his remaining 9 big blinds and was, nonetheless, smashed by “PenangCKT”’s flopped boat. (Hand shown below)

With the huge chip advantage, “PenangCKT” followed to eliminate “NicoloBarella” in third after winning yet another flip with pocket Eights. Now with a 7:1 lead against “lylyzer”, “PenangCKT” secured the win in lightning speed, leaving his German opponent still in a profitable exit considering the ¥125,675 runner-up payout.

Buy-in: ¥840 ($130.30)

Date: September 30, 2021

Entries: 1,693 entries

GTD: ¥1,000,000 ($154,563.33)

Prize Pool: ¥1,308,350.40 ($202,222.99)

ITM: 287 places

Final Table Results