For the first time in history, the massive $2 million SNG jackpot has been paid out on the GGPoker Network. Three players shared a slice of the seven-figure prize on the fastest-growing online poker network as a new millionaire was crowned in the process.

History was made in a three-handed $100 Texas Hold’em Spin & Gold buy-in on June 20, one of three currently available formats that offer the huge $2 million jackpot. The 20,000x multiplier ensured a six-figure payday for all participants as nobody in this rare scenario walked away empty-handed.

The $100 buy in amount was introduced in January 2021 and the three-handed format was expanded further a few months later. In May 2021, the six-handed jackpot sit n go poker tournaments went live and that boosted the current line-up to 12 available tiers. Across all the buy-in range, the Spin & Gold SNG charges a 7% tournament fee.

To put things into perspective, the frequency in this specific game to unleash the largest jackpot sits at just five times in 10 million games. It is the second-most rare jackpot prize on the GGPN to hit. Only the 100,000x multiplier in three-handed buy-ins of $1 and $10 and the 200,000x multiplier in the respective six-handed edition are even rarer with one time out of 10 million games.

All 12 currently available Spin & Gold variations feature eight possible multipliers that are randomly determined the spin of the wheel. The lowest in three-handed formats pay out two times the buy-in whereas the six-handed format will award four times the buy-in to the eventual winner in this scenario.

For all single-digit multipliers in three-handed games, it is a winner-takes-all scenario. If the multiplier reaches 10x or 25x, the top two spots will get paid whereas all multipliers above that will guarantee a profit for all participants no matter where they finish.

In six-handed Spin & Gold, the two lowest multipliers of 4x and 6x will pay out the top two spots. The next three multipliers worth 10x, 20x and 50x will award cash prizes to the top three finishers. That increases to four spots if the multiplier reaches 100x and 200x whereas the grand slam of all jackpots will also pay all six spots. However, that one is yet to hit in the few months the new game type has been running so far.

Turn $100 into $1,000,000 with the SNG Jackpot

This $2 million jackpot prize pool on the GGPoker network remains among the biggest prizes given away in a jackpot SNG format in the history of online poker. Eventual winner “ kapsikorn” earned 10,000 times their buy-in whereas “ King Ghidorah” walked away with 6,000 times of what they risked. Last but not least, even the first player to bust, “ [email protected]” will be remembered as they earned 4,000 times the entry fee.

With potentially life-changing money on the line, the record-breaking SNG lasted for 31 minutes and 53 seconds thanks to the deeper structure. Eventually, “ King Ghidorah” got it in with ace-deuce and “kapsikorn” looked them up with king-jack. An eight-seven-four flop and seven on the turn changed nothing yet. However, the king fell on the river to seal the victory for “kapsikorn”.

Final Result of the Record-Breaking Spin & Gold:

  • 1st place: kapsikorn – $1,000,000
  • 2nd place: King Ghidorah – $600,000
  • 3rd place: [email protected] – $400,000

Back in 2019, a $5 Spin & Go on PokerStars triggered a $2.2 million jackpot. The second and third place finishers walked away with a consolation prize of $100,000. However, it was German player “Donk3399” that took it down within 13 minutes and scored themselves a payday of $2 million.

All three-handed Spin & Gold formats on the GGPN give players the chance to buy insurance prior to the start. If the lowest 2x multiplier appears, which based on the math will happen frequently, the insured player receives a free game by getting the buy-in returned immediately.

Spin & Gold jackpot SNG are currently available in nine different buy-in tiers. They start as low as $0.25 and lead all the way up to the high-stakes $200 edition. Each of these tiers has a separate daily leaderboard as well to earn extra prizes for the most active grinders. The blind structure and starting chip stacks vary depending on the payout multiplier.

For further information about this exciting jackpot format and the available promotions for the Spin & Gold games, head over to the Natural8.