The inaugural 2021 GG Spring Festival remains on track to become the largest online poker festival of all time as daily guarantees are boosted day after day. It’s time to take another close look at some of the big winners in mid-week tournaments. Find below notable High Roller results from events that took place from Tuesday, April 13 until Saturday, April 17.

Sami Kelopuro Among the Super High Roller Winners

Latvian poker pro, Aleksejs Ponakovs kicked off Tuesday April 13th with a victory in Event H-47: $1,050 Forty Stack, which drew a total of 388 entries to eclipse the guarantee by more than 50%. On the final table, he faced Matas Cimbolas and Diego “TheProjector” Ventura heads-up and claimed the top prize of $74,911.83 after firing four entries in the event. Ventura earned $56,175.70 for the efforts on his third bullet.

Another trio of PLO-NL events took place in Event #48 Bounty and the High edition with a price tag of $525 attracted 277 entries. This resulted in a prize pool of $138,500 and among the finalists on the seven-handed final table were Hen “GeorgeTheVet” Rosilio, Fabrizio Gonzalez, and “imslowrollin”. Aleksandr “xBGx! Fitasov made it to heads-up and had to settle for $14,514.55 while Germany’s “FreeZePeeDoe” walked away with a combined payday of $27,856.65.

Plenty of notable pros were involved in the late stages of Event M-49: $2,625 High Roller which attracted a total field of 301 entries. The top 44 spots shared a portion of the $752,500 prize pool and the 2020 WSOP Main Event champion Damian Salas was among the finalists, taking home $35,899.34 for his 6th place finish.

Also involved were Christian Rudolph, Matas Cimbolas, Ami Barer and Mike Watson. It was Canada’s Watson who came closest to victory and cashed for $113,523.57 but the UK’s Jack Salter topped it all for a payday of $141,386.25.

The buy-in for the High edition was almost ten times of that as everyone had to pay $25,500 to enter. There were a total of 90 entries to create a $2,250,000 prize pool and just the top 13 cashed. Watson fired three entries and finished as the bubble boy. As one can expect from such a price tag, the biggest names in poker took part.

Mikita Badziakouski, Isaac Haxton and Jason Koon all fired multiple bullets to reach the final table. The top four who were on just one bullet included Samuel Vousden ($238,251.58), Yuri Dzivielevski ($309,048.01), Wiktor Malinowski ($400,881.54) and eventual winner, Sami Kelopuro ($520,003.49).

Event H-50: $5,250 Half Price Super Tuesday resulted in a field of 222 entries and friend of Natural8, Benjamin Rolle made the most out of his single bullet. The German poker pro and coach defeated “TheBigKid” in heads-up and claimed the $236,019.99 top prize. Notable finalists included Pablo Navarro, Yuri Dzivielevski, Isaac Haxton, Ami Barer, and Vincent Bosca Ramon among others.

Alex Foxen earned the biggest slice of the $236,000 prize pool in Event H-51: $1,050 Deepstack Bounty Turbo. In just over five hours, he claimed the final bounty by knocking out Joseph Cheong ($22,614.66) and boosted his bankroll by $41,677.40.

Wednesday and Thursday Winners at a Glance

Four-card aficionados gathered for Event H-52: $1,050 PLO-NL and it was Eelis Pärssinen from Finland that earned yet another victory on the GGPoker Network. The Finn prevailed in a field of 172 entries to claim $41,825.78 while Simon “FiestaPagana” Mattsson finished second for $30,240.79.

Artur Martirosian needed just one entry to top 444 entries in Event H-54: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event, which started on Wednesday and concluded one day later. Martirosian earned $83,530.81 while runner-up Stoyan “UncleTonI” Obreshkov had to settle for $62,639.14.

Christian Rudolph finished as the runner-up out of 669 entries in Event H-55: $525 Bounty to score $22,517.50 and “Whattherules” topped that for $38,490.79. The same buy-in was required for Event H-56 $525 Marathon, which drew 800 entries. Canada’s “randomwalrus2” earned the top prize of $57,601.35 and Gediminas Uselis was the last casualty for $44,406.25.

Thursday once more brought the $2,625 High Roller and the $25,500 Super High Roller in Event 57. The Medium tier ended with 275 entries and a heads-up deal was cut between David Peters ($119,960.85) and Elio Fox ($126,866.96). Swiss high stakes player Ronny Kaiser topped 88 entries in the High tier for a payday of $508,447.84. He knocked out Mikita Badziakouski from Belarus after more than ten hours and the Belorussian had to settle for $391,973.06.

Another five-figure buy-in on Thursday was featured in Event H-58: $10,300 Thursday Thriller Bounty. Daniel Dvoress was the first casualty on the final table in a field of 159 entries. Eelis Pärssinen, Ami Barer, Bert Stevens and Mike Watson were all in the mix, as was Joao Simao. Sergei Denisov finished second for $137,086.49 and Michel “CrossfireX” Dattani earned more than two times of that ($339,484.21) for his victory.

Pärssinen missed out on another victory in an all-Finnish heads-up duel in Event H-59: $5,250 PLO-NL. He earned $121,039.50 as part of a deal which saw Sami Kelopuro prevail for $135,998.08. During the same time, Event H-60: $1,050 Bounty Hyper also ran and determined a winner in two and a half hours. David Yan finished second for $22,582.01 and “Go BITCOIN Go” took home the biggest slice worth $34,665.81.

Friday and Saturday Wrap

Fast forward to Friday, it was Tomas “CoronaMyAss” Jozonis who topped a field of 115 entries in Event H-61: $2,100 Bounty. Romain “Flingue” Dours, Shankar Pillai and Wei Zhao were among the finalists.

The same day also featured the start of Event H-62: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event, which played down to a winner on Saturday. There were 201 entries and Alex Foxen bowed out in 6th for $10,342.18. Dicky “Floatinworld” Tsang went two spots further for $18,391.30 and New Zealander “Rahchan” topped the event for a payday worth $43,612.75.

Natural8 ambassador Kosei Ichinose reached the final table in Event H-63: $525 Turbo and cashed for $4,045.57. Wei Zhao bowed out in third and Francisco “VaPaCooler” Benitez was second for $12,793.22. It was Emiliano “eltutuca1987” Ricchini that took it down for $17,060.10. Just over two and a half hours passed in Event H-64: $525 Bounty Hyper as Brazil’s “nvrstd” finished atop a field of 151 entries for $15,543.64.

Saturday also featured the six Asia-focused tournaments, which all surpassed their guarantees. Most notably, Event H-65: $250 Asia Major brought in 580 entries for a $133,400 prize pool. “MikeAllingelo” from Belarus earned $20,402.47 while Alexandre “SexyBaldGuy” Mantovani had to settle for the consolation prize of $15,511.17 as the runner-up. In Event H-66: $525 Bounty Hunters Asia, a field of 467 entries emerged and Aram Oganyan walked away as the winner for a combined payday of $33,609.99.

Wei Zhao topped a field of 120 entries in Event H-67: $5,250 PLO-NL HR and banked the top prize of $155,417.91 while “Suhepx” had to settle for $112,369.96 as the only other player with a six-figure prize.

There was also a $10,300 edition of the four-card variant which featured the progressive bounty format. Eelis Pärssinen bowed out in 8th while firing five bullets but another three Finns remained in contention. Joni Jouhkimainen finished in 6th ($47,722.91), Lauri Varonen made it to third ($74,235.30) and Sami Kelopuro claimed the gargantuan top prize of $189,185.21 after defeating Joao Simao ($78,802.01).

Another Finn was deep in Event H-69: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event, which played to a winner on Sunday. Samuel Vousden cashed for $49,412.64 as Tom Delaine emerged as the champion for $87,869.78.

Last but not least, Christian Rudolph and Robert Heidorn ended up heads-up in Event H-70: $2,100 Bounty with a field of 265 entries. Rudolph finished in second place for $48,547.20 and Heidorn received more than double of that for $101,600.07 in total thanks to a large bounty portion.

The next wrap up will cover the seven-figure prize pools on the Super Sunday and following days.