Poker Tournament Overlays

When playing at Natural8, you may notice regular announcements mentioning Overlays. If you are a fan of MTTs, you should pay attention to these announcements. Tournament Overlays applies to Guaranteed tournaments. So let’s first dive into what are Guaranteed Tournaments.

Guaranteed Tournaments

A guaranteed tournament is one that has a set buy-in, and a guaranteed prize pool offered. The guaranteed prize pool is dependent on the predicted number of players. Why would poker rooms set guaranteed prize pools if the number of participants are unknown? Guaranteed prize pools encourage players to participate. A majority of players, if not all, would like to know the prize pool in advance before registering for a tournament. 

Tournament Lobby Information

How are Overlays Calculated?

Let’s take for example a tournament with $5,000 GTD and a buy-in of $10 (Prize) + $1 (Fee). This basically means that 500 players are needed to hit the guaranteed prize pool of $5,000. If for some reason it is a slow day and only 300 players participate, the total prize collected would only be $3,000 and the network would have to inject an additional $2,000 to meet the guarantee. The injection of $2,000 is called the overlay.

How can players benefit from tournament overlays?

If 500 players had the same chance of winning the $5,000 Prize pool, each player’s expected value would be $5,000/500 = $10. On a slow day, if there were only 300 participants, the expected value would then be $5,000/300 = $16.66. So pay attention to those overlay announcements because joining tournaments with overlays is a good way to increase your win-rate.

Where can you find tournament overlays?

Where to find overlays
Natural8 Tournament Overlay Alert

At Natural8, we make it easy for you to spot. Overlay announcements will pop up indicating the tournament name, the buy-in, the GTD prize pool, as well as the overlay amount. Pay close attention to weekday tournaments as well, especially the ones that run earlier in the day. We offer a wide variety of tournaments that run regularly at all times of the day.