2021 APL Online Series III: Canada Claims Two Trophy Events while China Sees its Ninth Champion of the Series

Three more champions captured Asia Poker League trophies this week as the festival’s final day fast approaches. Canada’s “dill91” and “McDavid97”, and China’s “jack747” all claimed five figure scores after topping event fields #16-18. While the online series closed its first week in style, the major operator met its first overlay in Event #17: Kunming Mountain Monster Stack. To date, APL Online’s third edition has awarded over $4.2 million in prizes across the 18 concluded tournaments, with the highlighted ¥10,000,000 guaranteed Golden Week Main Event yet to crown its awaited champion.

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Starting flights for the Main Event have so far produced 897 qualifiers making it through the final day, with 700 of those top players cashing in on a minimum payout of ¥4,679. A total of 256 players remain and are scheduled to return on October 10th to battle it out on the virtual felt. An impressive ¥11,766,167 prize pool is up for contention with the biggest top prize of the season amounting to ¥1,402,498 ($217,552), set for the winner alone.

Event #16: National Day Bounty Celebration – “jack747” ($10,008.29 + $15,214.23 bounty)

China’s runners have clearly dominated the series’ events as it crowned its eighth champion “jack747” for taking down Event #16: National Day Bounty Celebration. For his run, “jack747” took home ¥162,789.18 in combined winnings after topping the 1,749-entry field. The great attendance boosted the prize pool way above the initial guarantee and resulted in ¥1,663,299 in prize money shared among 242 players.

The final table’s shortest stack “Bryne Koon” was the first casualty of the night as he failed to get a double up from “jack747” with Ace-King against pocket Nines. “DD1220” not so long after found himself on the losing end of a cooler, running pocket Queens right into “AAlecriM”’s pocket Kings for a massive 57 big blind pot. The sweet spot boosted “AAlecriM” right into the lead with seven players left in the running. Fellow Brazilian “pugzoe” however scored the next elimination, sending “PANDA_DRAGON” to the rail with pocket Jacks against his opponent’s Ace-Queen in an all-in preflop situation.

Big pairs were holding up in crucial spots as “jack747”’s pocket Kings quickly sent “bigniao1”’s pocket Nines into the muck, followed by “AAlecriM”’s pocket Jacks against “choleeek89”’s King-Jack out in fifth place. With four players left and everyone working with 25 big blinds or less, it appeared to be anybody’s game at this point. Interestingly, Ukraine’s “neffarian” began a hand by limping on the button off of his 11 big blind stack with both “pugzoe” and “jack747” on the blinds calling and checking behind. The flop revealed two Sixes and a Jack, to which both players checked. “Neffarian” fired a chunky bet close to pot size and decided to call off “pugzoe”’s all-in for his remaining 7.5 big blinds. Holding trip Sixes, “pugzoe” claimed the pot for a huge chip advantage against “jack747” and “AAlecriM” coming into three-handed play.

In spite of the win, “pugzoe”’s stack would soon dwindle in the next half hour with much of it having gone to “jack747”. Clinging on to his last 9 big blinds, “pugzoe” moved all-in with Queen-Jack, called by “jack747” with Ace-Six. The flop instantly revealed an Ace eliminating “pugzoe” in third place, while giving “jack747” a 2:1 lead against “AAlecriM”. It didn’t take long for both players to get it in, with “jack747” holding a better Ace for the win and an additional ¥98,194 in bounties.

Buy-in: ¥1,001 ($155.09)

Date: October 1, 2021

Entries: 1,749 entries (1,146 unique, 603 re-entry)

GTD: ¥1,000,000 ($154,939.79)

Prize Pool: ¥1,663,299 ($257,711.20)

ITM: 242 places

Final Table Results

Event #17: Kunming Mountain Monster Stack – “dill91” ($16,243.34)

Scheduled earlier than most of the tournaments on schedule, Event #17: Kunming Mountain Monster Stack recorded the festival’s first overlay of ¥12,664 from the ¥800,000 guaranteed prize pool. A total of 1,556 entries were recorded for the event, just a few shy of the expected. Canada’s “dill91” however, still captured a notable score of ¥104,726.33 while denying China a ninth trophy for the season.

Entering the final table as the chip leader was “dill91” with 105 big blinds, a significant lead from next in line “ZiFanWu”’s 76 big blind stack. Less than half an hour was all it took to get the ball rolling, beginning with “Polo806”’s pocket Eights against “Fome de Tudo”’s Ace-Jack. Unfortunately for “Polo806”, the board ran two Kings and two Tens to counterfeit his pocket pair and send him out in ninth place. Running hot, “Fome de Tudo” carried on to take down “Zhangxinliang” as a Ten-high flop gave both players top pair King-Ten and Ace-Ten, “Fome de Tudo” with the better kicker. “Joggijoggi” shortly after fazed elimination, having shoved his nine big blinds right into “patrickli”’s pocket Tens and “Blom96”’s pocket Kings. (Hand shown below)

Crippled by the bad beat, “Blom96” quickly left in seventh place, with “patrickli” following behind in sixth. Holding now the shortest stack of 4 big blinds, “patrickli” went with Ace-Six as “ZiFanWu” easily claimed the pot with pocket Nines. “ZiFanWu” was in for another boost, this time eliminating “Fome de Tudo” with pocket Tens against the Brazilian’s pocket Eights for the lead. With four players left, Israel’s “tiltjam” was then doomed to be out in fourth place, as his Ace-Ten failed to beat “dill91”’s pocket Sevens. Three-handed play also ended fairly soon with “joggijoggi”’s nut-flush draw having missed on the river, awarding “ZiFanWu”’s two-pair the crucial pot. 

Although with a slight lead vs “dill91” to start the heads up battle, “ZiFanWu” lost several small pots to lose the advantage. After 15 minutes of play, the final hand saw a race with “ZiFanWu”’s Ace-Four against his opponent’s King-Queen. Spiking the needed King on the flop, “dill91” secured the overall win for Event #18, bagging Canada’s first trophy of the series.

Buy-in: ¥550 ($85.31)

Date: October 2, 2021

Entries: 1,556 entries (1,047 unique, 509 re-entry)

GTD: ¥800,000 ($124,082.18)

Prize Pool: ¥800,000 ($124,082.18)

ITM: 251 places

Final Table Results

Event #18: Shanghai Masters of Poker – “McDavid97” ($31,129.80)

For double the buy-in of Saturday’s earlier APL tournament, Event #18: Shanghai Masters of Poker saw 1,515 entrants gunning for the lion’s share of the ¥1,533,180 prize pool. In the end, it was “McDavid97” who successfully claimed the top payout of ¥200,704 for Canada’s second trophy win of the day. The road to the top wasn’t an easy one for “McDavid97”, as he entered the final table as chip leader but found himself running cold shortly after. It wasn’t until five-handed play that “McDavid97” managed to greatly recover and move on to dominate the table.

Having lost a chunk of his stack, “McDavid97” finally won a flip to eliminate “frankfei” with Ace-Ten against pocket Sevens. Decorated player “ADelaney1991” then busted out in similar fashion, having lost pocket Fives to “ODDWORLD”’s Ace-Jack. Keeping the momentum, “ODDWORLD” continued to take out “quigedez” in seventh, with Ace-Ten against “quigedez”’s button-jam with King-Three suited. As pressure of the blinds was increasing, the pre-flop game continued when “Songjiahao” was eliminated with Ace-Ten against “jjsjsjjsj”’s pocket Sevens. 

Considering ICM, the two short stacks on the table didn’t stop “jjsjsjjsj” from pulling a massive bluff to give “McDavid97” a full double up. An open from “McDavid97” from under the gun, “jjsjsjjsj” defended his small blind to see an Eight-high flop. The low board prompted “jjsjsjjsj” to check-raise “McDavid97”’s less than one-third continuation bet and move to barrel off two streets, only to be snap-called by “McDavid97”’s rivered full house Sevens over Fours. (Hand shown below)

Ironically, “jjsjsjjsj” would bust the next hand with him holding pocket Sevens this time against “McDavid97”’s Ace-Jack. The two short stacks “DonCptLulli” and “keisen!” fared well, having climbed a few pay jumps before exiting in fourth and third place respectively. After half an hour of heads up play, “McDavid97”’s aggressive style and good run of cards couldn’t be denied the win any longer. In the final hand, “ODDWORLD”’s Ace-Nine succumbed to “McDavid97”’s King-Queen as the river gave the latter top pair to secure the deal.

Buy-in: ¥1,100 ($170.61)

Date: October 2, 2021

Entries: 1,515 entries (1,006 unique, 509 re-entry)

GTD: ¥1,500,000 ($232,654.09)

Prize Pool: ¥1,533,180 ($237,800.40)

ITM: 251 places

Final Table Results